Frequently Asked Questions

Do they leak?

When the EmuWing is installed correctly, and the rubber seal is securely attached to the inside of the wing panel as per our instructions, you can be confident in a leak-free experience – and we stand behind that guarantee.

We emphasize that attention to detail during the installation process is crucial to achieving this result. If you have any doubts or questions about the installation, we encourage you to reach out to one of our authorized installers or contact us directly. We're here to help ensure your EmuWing is installed perfectly, so you can enjoy a worry-free experience.

Are EmuWings hard to install?

While the EmuWing is designed for DIY installation, it's important to note that some level of prior experience and familiarity with DIY methods is advisable. The installation process varies in complexity, ranging from relatively straightforward to more involved, particularly for vehicles with interior trims around the window.

In general, older vehicles without interior trims around the window offer a simpler and more forgiving installation experience. However, for vehicles with interior trims, some modification of these trims will be necessary. If you're comfortable working on your car and have a basic set of tools, the installation should be manageable.

For those who prefer visual guidance, we recommend visiting our YouTube channel, where you can find installation videos for popular vehicle models.

If your vehicle's original windows are glued in place, we strongly recommend consulting a professional glazier for their removal. If you decide to remove the old window yourself, consider investing in a windscreen removal tool for a safer and more efficient process.

Please be aware that this is a DIY kit, and it's crucial to thoroughly read and follow the provided instructions before beginning installation. Once the EmuWing is installed, no claims can be made for any issues arising from incorrect installation.

Are they keyed alike?

Whether you're ordering a single EmuWing or a pair, rest assured that one key is designed to work with all the locks. Our commitment is to provide convenience to our customers, and we make it a point to ensure that any future purchases for the same vehicle are also keyed alike.

If you plan on purchasing additional EmuWings for your vehicle, please inform us, and we'll ensure that they are keyed to match your existing setup for your convenience.

How long will it take to ship?

We make every effort to maintain a well-stocked inventory of all our kits to ensure prompt availability for our customers. Typically, our kits are despatched within two to three days of placing an order.

However, there may be rare instances where order backlogs or temporary stock shortages can cause slight delays in despatch. If your order is time-sensitive, we encourage you to reach out to one of our dedicated Emuwing team members to confirm the current stock status and estimated despatch times.

Do you ship to ??????

Yes, we offer international shipping to destinations worldwide. You can easily obtain a no-obligation shipping quote directly from our website.

If you encounter any issues or require assistance during the process, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

Should I opt for glass or solid panels?

When making your decision to place an order, there are several important factors to consider:

Aesthetics: Glass panels often offer a more aesthetically pleasing look, seamlessly blending with your vehicle's existing lines.
Natural Light: Glass panels allow ample natural light into your vehicle, creating a bright and airy interior.
Unobstructed Vision: Glass panels ensure that your vision from the rear of the vehicle is unobstructed, which is especially valuable on the passenger side.
Glossy Finish: Glass panels have a glossy finish that complements the overall shine of your 4WD wagon.

Enhanced Security: Solid panels provide improved security as they cannot be easily broken by opportunistic thieves, helping to keep your belongings safe.
Heat Reduction: Solid panels can reduce heat in the back of your wagon by up to 30% by blocking harmful UV rays. While the panel itself may get warmer, the interior of your vehicle remains cooler."

These points should help you make an informed choice based on their preferences and needs.

Are there any discounts available?

We're delighted to extend a special 5% discount to members of state association-affiliated 4WD clubs. To redeem this offer, please ensure you can provide proof of current club membership. Please note that this exclusive discount is available only to Australian residents.

From time to time, we also offer sales on our Emuwing product lines. To stay informed about these promotions, keep an eye on our website, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media. By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll be among the first to receive updates on upcoming sales.

If you're interested in significant discounts on older stock, feel free to give us a call to inquire about availability.

For distributor and trade discounts, please get in touch with us for more information. We're here to assist you with any questions or special arrangements you may require.

Are Emuwings Australian made?

The EmuWing is proudly designed and crafted in Australia, epitomizing exceptional quality built to endure. Constructed with premium stainless steel and aluminum components, the EmuWing is engineered for longevity, promising years of reliable performance.

For added peace of mind, we stand behind the EmuWing with a comprehensive twelve-month hardware warranty that covers all parts.

Are there any accessories available for my Emuwing?

We're excited to announce that our light bracket is now available for select Emuwing models, and we have more in the pipeline.

Our team is hard at work developing a range of fantastic accessories to complement your Emuwing experience. Stay tuned for updates on these upcoming additions to our product lineup. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you're the first to know when they become available in our shop.

Can I purchase hinges for my own build?

Absolutely, at Emuwing, we offer a comprehensive selection of replacement parts to meet your needs. If you're unsure about the specific parts you require, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We're here to assist you and discuss your requirements, ensuring you get the right parts for your Emuwing.

Can I refresh the rubbers?

While our kits are engineered to endure the lifetime of your vehicle, it's important to acknowledge that rubber seals can deteriorate in the diverse and often harsh climates around the world. Therefore, occasional replacement may be necessary to maintain optimal performance. If you notice that your seals are showing signs of wear and tear, rest assured that they can be easily replaced.

Our new seals have been designed to offer enhanced durability and efficiency, eliminating the need for the foam seal found in older models. When you purchase one of our new weatherstrips, you can permanently remove the foam seal, reducing the need for future replacements.

For your convenience, our weather strips are available for purchase directly on our website. Alternatively, you can simply give us a call or send us a message, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in organizing replacements for your Emuwing.

Do I have to drill any holes?

No, the EmuWing is specifically engineered for installation without the need for any permanent modifications to your vehicle. Our installation process involves the use of marine-grade polyurethane, which bonds our frame securely in place of the existing window.

In certain situations, there may be a need to cut back the interior trims to ensure a proper fit, but rest assured that no irreversible alterations to your vehicle are required during the installation process.

Do you have a box to go behind the wing?

In Victoria, our trusted partners at Best Off Road specialize in designing and crafting custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. They are experts in creating bespoke solutions for your unique requirements.

For those located in New South Wales, we recommend ORS (Off Road Systems) for top-quality custom solutions. Their expertise and commitment to quality make them a reliable choice.

In South Australia, you can turn to FitMy4wd for custom for top quality solutions that meet your needs.

For those outside of these regions or in other countries, we suggest searching for custom 4WD storage solution providers in your area. Many of these professionals are enthusiastic about helping you turn your dream enclosure into a reality.

Do you have Installers?

We have a network of installers located both nationally and internationally. For more details and to find an installer near you, please visit the installation page on our website.

Rest assured that our team of installers are fully supported by Emuwing, ensuring a worry-free and seamless installation experience. With their expertise, you can enjoy all the benefits of our product without any installation worries or concerns.

We highly recommend that if you choose to work with one of our partner installers, you consider purchasing your EmuWing kit directly through them. This approach simplifies the logistics, ensuring that your kit is readily available for installation at your preferred time and date, providing a seamless experience.

How much do they cost?

For current pricing information, we invite you to visit our online shop, where you can get an obligation-free quote.

Additionally, our online shop offers the convenience of obtaining an up-to-date postage quote, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free shopping experience without any unexpected surprises.

Is powder coating included?

Yes, our prices already include high-quality textura black powder coating, which provides a durable finish for your Emuwing.

For customers who desire custom-colored powder coating to match their vehicle or personal preferences, we offer that option as well.

To ensure an exact color match to your vehicle, we recommend requesting a bare panel, which can be professionally matched to your specific needs.

For further details and information on custom colors, please don't hesitate to contact the Emuwing team. We're here to assist you with your unique requirements.

Is rear air conditioning an issue?

Yes, in several of our models, the presence of rear air conditioning can present unique installation challenges. To get more information tailored to your specific vehicle, we recommend reaching out to one of our knowledgeable Emuwing team members.

We'd like to highlight that, in response to high demand, we now offer a dedicated solution designed specifically for the GU Patrol with rear air conditioning. When placing your order, please make sure to select this option to ensure a seamless fit for your vehicle.

Is the glass tinted?

Our glass panels are supplied untinted, primarily because matching tint to your specific vehicle can be challenging. Tinting options not only include a variety of shades but also base colors, which can vary significantly. To ensure the perfect tint match for your car, we recommend taking the panels to your preferred window tinting professional.

For those looking for a trusted tinting service, we can confidently recommend The Tint Factory in Campbellfield, Victoria. They are our preferred choice for expert window tinting services.

Does the glass to comply with my local standards?

Our tempered automotive safety glass is meticulously crafted to meet all National and International regulations. We proudly confirm that it is ADR approved for use on Australian roads, ensuring its compliance with the highest safety standards.

Is there a curve like my original window?

EmuWings are meticulously designed with a gentle curve that closely mirrors the shape of the vehicle into which they are installed. This thoughtful design ensures seamless integration, maintaining the uninterrupted lines and contours of your vehicle. Whether you opt for a solid or glass panel, the EmuWing's installation is so harmonious that it can be challenging to discern from the vehicle's original design. It truly complements and enhances the aesthetics of any vehicle.

Is there a warranty?

EmuWing not only stands behind the quality of our products with a 12-month hardware warranty, but we're also extremely confident in their performance. That's why we offer a no-questions-asked 7-day money-back guarantee.

For additional information and details, please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.

Trimming interior plastics

For many of our models, it's important to note that interior plastics may require trimming around the window area during installation.

If your vehicle features a plastic interior trim surrounding the original window, it will be necessary to trim this back to accommodate the installation of an Emuwing. To ensure a seamless installation process, we strongly recommend marking and, ideally, trimming this trim before permanently securing your Emuwing frame in place with adhesive.

Where are the instructions?

Installation instructions for each of our models can be found within the Downloads section on their respective model pages. We also invite you to explore our YouTube channel for comprehensive installation instructions and helpful tips.

Please be aware that our video instructions may occasionally become outdated. In such cases, it is advisable to rely on the written instructions, which are meticulously maintained and kept up to date to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

Will I need to replace my antenna?

Please note that for several of our models, window-mounted diversity antennas may need to be replaced during the installation of an Emuwing. To confirm whether this applies to your specific model, we recommend checking the model-specific information available in our shop or by contacting us directly for clarification.

Can I call if I get stuck during installation?

You can always count on the friendly Emuwing team for assistance. Feel free to reach out to us by phone, email, or through our social media channels whenever you have questions or need support.

Please keep in mind that our team also needs their well-deserved rest. Our regular hours of operation are from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, and we close at 2 pm on Fridays.

Can I buy one glass and one solid as a pair

Yes, you can certainly place a customized order for pairs of EmuWings. However, please note that our website may not support this level of customization. To take advantage of our discounted pricing for pairs, we recommend contacting us via email or giving us a call to place your order.