Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any accessories available for my Emuwing?
We are currently developing some great accessories for your Emuwing. Once complete they will be available in our shop, subscribe today for updates.
Are there any discounts available?

A 5% discount is available to members of state association affiliated 4wd clubs, you will need to provide proof of current club membership. This offer is only open to Australian residents.

Occasionally we offer sales on Emuwing product lines. Any upcoming sales will be publicised through our website, newsletter and social media channels.

We do offer distributor discounts, please contact us for further information.

Are Emuwings Australian made?
Yes, the EmuwIng is a high-quality Australian product designed to last. High-quality stainless-steel and aluminium components ensure the EmuWing lasts a very long time. They also include a twelve month hardware warranty on all parts.
Are EmuWings hard to install?

The Emuwing is designed as a DIY installation, but do require a degree of experience and prior knowledge of DIY methods. They range in difficulty from relatively straightforward to quite involved requiring a fair degree of experience, older vehicles that do not have any interior trims around the window are the much easier and more forgiving option. Those vehicles that have interior trims surrounding the window are more difficult – the interior trims will require trimming. If you are comfortable working on your car generally the installation should not pose too much of a problem on the older vehicles. A few tools will also be required to complete the job. If you are still not sure, head on over to our YouTube channel to see some installations on popular vehicles. We recommend having a glazier remove the original windows if they are glued in place, if your going to remove the old window yourself look at investing in a windscreen removal tool.

As this is a DIY kit. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully before beginning installation as once installed, no claims can be made due to incorrect installation.

Are they keyed alike?
Yes. Whether you order a single or a pair, one key will fit all locks. We also endeavour to ensure any future purchases for the same vehicle are also keyed alike. Please let us know if you are purchasing additional Emuwings.
Can I purchase hinges for my own build?
Absolutely, Emuwing provides full hinge kits for you to fabricate your own solution. Give our technical team a call on 03 8592 1926 to discuss your requirements, you may need to leave a message as the tech guys are often busy but someone will get back to you ASAP
Can I refresh the rubbers?
If your seals are looking a bit tired a full seal replacement kit is available for your vehicle, just give us a call or send us a message to organise some replacements.
Do I have to drill any holes?

No, the EmuWing is designed to be installed without any permanent modifications to the vehicle. We use a marine grade polyurethane to bond our frame in place of the existing window
*in some circumstances the interior trims will need to be trimmed.

Do they leak?
If the EmuWing is installed correctly and the rubber is correctly attached to the inside of the wing panel, there will be no leaks – we guarantee it. Remember – the devil is in the detail during installation. If you are unsure, please contact one of our authorised installers or give us a call today.
Do you have a box to go behind the wing?

Our partners in Victoria, Full Boar storage solutions designs and produces custom made solutions for your vehicle.

For those out west contact Pro Camp Solutions for a custom made solution for your vehicle.

Do you have Installers?
We have have multiple installers throughout the world, have a look at our installation page for more information. Our team of installers are backed by EmuWing ensuring you get to enjoy all the benefits of the product without any installation worries or concerns.
How much do they cost?

 Current pricing is available via our online shop where you can get an obligation free quote. 

Is powder coating included?

Yes, our prices include powder coating in Black. We can also supply custom colours if required however if colour matching is preferred, we suggest a bare panel that can be matched professionally to your vehicle. Please call the Emuwing team for further information.

Is rear air conditioning an issue?

Yes, in many of our models the rear air conditioning can cause installation issues.

The Nissan Patrol GU for instance with rear A/C is not compatible with Emuwings on the passenger side without modifications to the vehicle and replacement of the interior trim. This also applies to other vehicles – you may need to contact us directly for more information on your vehicle at

Is the glass tinted?

The glass has a green hue, but it is not tinted, due to the problems matching tint to your vehicle. We send our glass out un-tinted allowing you to perfectly match your existing tint.

Is the glass to comply with my local standards?
Our glass is manufactured to be compliant with all regulations, being a toughened safety glass marked “ARMOURGLASS APPROVED TO AS2 DOT NO 601 TS” – we can confirm this is ADR approved however we recommend you check this is an approved glass in your jurisdiction.
Is there a curve like my original window?
EmuWing’s are curved to closely match the shape of the vehicle they are being installed into, ensuring the lines are uninterrupted whether you go for the solid or glass panel, sometimes it’s hard to tell if an Emuwing is installed as it matches the vehicles factory curves and angles perfectly, complimenting any vehicle.
Is there a warranty?

Emuwing provides a twelve (12) month hardware warranty on all our products.

Installations carried out at our authorised installers are also fully covered for twelve (12) months.

*see our returns and refunds policy for further details.

What do Emuwings cost?

Prices are available in our shop, use the cart to get an obligation free quote including any shipping costs and taxes.

International duties and taxes are the buyers responsibility and are not included in our prices.

Trimming plastics?

Interior plastics will need to be trimmed around the window on many of our models.

If there is a plastic interior trim surrounding the original window this will need to be trimmed back to allow for the installation of an Emuwing. This will need to be marked and preferably cut before the Emuwing is installed.

Where are the instructions?

Installation instructions are available on our Installations page. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for in depth installation tips.

Will I need to replace my antenna?
Window mounted diversity antennas will need to be replaced. This is applicable to several of our models and should be confirmed within our shop under the model specific information or by giving us a call.
Are there any accessories available for my Emuwing?

We now stock a range of accessories for your Emuwing, from in car ovens to in car hot water systems and shower boxes. We will continue to expand our range of accessories offering you solutions to a range of problems.