About Us

Created from a love of the outdoors and in particular four wheel driving, we have long been avid campers living out of our vehicle as we have travelled this great land of ours. During our travels we dreamt up the ultimate in vehicle access solutions. Making the cargo area of our vehicle so much more useable and accessible. Then we decided to share it with you – EmuWing was born in a suburban Melbourne garage way back in 2007. We were fed up with trying to scramble in through the back door to get to things at the back of the cargo area so we assumed you would be too. Not to mention opening the wheel carrier with two huge wheels and tyres attached! They were certainly heavy and then the next obstacle – the drawers! Scrambling over these might be easy for the young and agile, but we were about making life easier. We believe you will wonder how you survived without them!

Emuwing remains a small Australian family-owned business operating out of a small factory in Campbellfield, dedicated to continue making the lives of millions of travellers easier by providing the best possible vehicle access solutions possible.

The EmuWing makes accessing the hardest to reach parts of the cargo area of any vehicle. It is no longer necessary to find the clearance to swing away any rear mounted accessories to access the back of your vehicle, even when a cargo barrier is fitted. When opened our frame offers the largest possible space to access the vehicle, with concealed hinges that are hidden from sight when closed giving an almost factory appearance from the outside. Our Solid kits keep the sun and heat out, as well as prying eyes out of the back of your car.